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Safe And Secure Elections

Safe And Secure Elections

As Missouri secretary of state, I have ensured Missouri’s elections are run safely and smoothly, prioritizing that every registered voter has the opportunity to make his or her voice heard at the polls. 


Under my leadership, the secretary of state’s office provides training, technological support and, during the Covid-19 era, personal protective equipment to election authorities across the state.  I personally travel to each of Missouri’s 114 counties every year, to ensure my office is working hand-in-hand with officials across the state.


We also prioritize election security.   In 2017, my office organized the first National Election Security Summit in St. Louis, Missouri.  The program included national security experts and a keynote address from the U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security.   We hosted election officials from 25 states and a bipartisan group of ten secretaries of state to determine how best to safeguard our elections.  We continually work to protect our election software and systems from cyber-attacks and threats.


Moreover, I have been a long-time proponent of common sense voter ID requirements.  Every registered Missouri voter should have access to the polls, but we must take precautions to protect the integrity of our elections and ensure no one’s vote is canceled out by fraud.  In 2016, Missourians voted overwhelmingly to amend the Missouri Constitution to allow for voter ID requirements.   Through voter ID laws, we expand access to the polls and promote voter confidence in election results. 

Protecting Missourans

Protecting Missourians and Cutting Wasteful Spending

As secretary of state, I help protect Missourians from fraud and abuse.


Through the Safe at Home program, we have assisted nearly 2,000 survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and other crimes by providing a confidential address for at-risk individuals to use for sending and receiving mail.  We work with local agencies that help victims of abuse to implement this program


I have also aggressively investigated securities fraud and worked to obtain restitution for victims of dishonest individuals and firms.  In this role, I created the Vulnerable Citizens Services Unit within our Securities Division to protect senior citizens and others from securities fraud. 


In an era of burgeoning government, I have sought to decrease spending at the secretary of state’s office.  Since taking office, I have cut our spending by significant amounts and incurred a system of tracking expenditures and receipts to better account for taxpayer funds.


Supporting Missouri Businesses and Libraries

The first experience most businesses and nonprofits have with government is through the secretary of state’s office.  It is here where they file the necessary paperwork to register and organize their businesses.  As secretary of state, one of my top priorities has been to make running a business in Missouri easier.     


My office drafted and promoted legislation to modernize our laws governing notaries public and to allow for the remote electronic notarization of documents.  This has been especially important as businesses navigate the covid-19 pandemic. 


In the end, the purpose of government is not to dictate how companies should operate, but to provide an environment where businesses have the freedom to grow and power our economy. 


Another sector that serves the public good is libraries.  Our libraries provide educational material and serve as a public gathering place.  Moreover, many people without access to high-speed Internet and computers are able to access these resources at libraries.  I have been a strong proponent of funding for public libraries, including the Wolfner Library, which is housed at the secretary of state’s main office.  I am committed to working with our library directors and staff across the state to better meet their needs. 

Supporting Missouri Businesses


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