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Welcome to my website!  This is an exciting time, and I’m glad you’re interested in our effort to bring leadership, integrity and vision to the state of Missouri. 


Let me share with you some of my background.


God has blessed me with a wonderful family.  My wife, Katie, is an attorney, fantastic mother and my most steadfast supporter.  Together, we have four energetic and curious children:  Three sons and one daughter, plus a Siberian Husky named Friday.  Needless to say, these are busy times in the Ashcroft household! 


My parents, John and Janet, have shaped my understanding of the purpose of government and taught me at an early age to value faith and freedom. 


Born and raised in Jefferson City, Missouri, I graduated from Jefferson City High School and earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering management from Missouri University of Science and Technology (Rolla).  My first job out of college was in West Plains, Missouri working for a defense-based engineering company, where I oversaw the design and quality assurance of vehicles for the US Air Force and worked hand in hand with an outstanding team of men and women to develop instruments that would be used to keep the nation safe.   While working, I commuted to Fort Leonard Wood to earn a master’s degree in engineering management. 


In 2000, I moved to St. Louis and began teaching engineering and technology courses at the Forest Park, Florrisant Valley and Meramec campuses of St. Louis Community College.  It was a great pleasure to see many of my former students carry their enhanced engineering capacities into jobs in the St. Louis auto manufacturing industry. 


After a decade devoted to engineering, I sought to bring my technical experience into the practice of law and earned a juris doctorate degree from St. Louis University School of Law.   I practiced law for the better part of a decade, counseling clients on legal issues ranging from regulatory compliance to immigration proceedings to election law. 


In 2016, the people of Missouri elected me as their 40th secretary of state.  Since entering public service, my background in education, engineering and law has provided a unique perspective on governance and helped shape forward-thinking efforts at the secretary of state’s office. 


You can read more on this website about how we have worked to administer safe and secure elections in Missouri, protect the state’s vulnerable citizens, and support our libraries and businesses. 


Thank you for visiting and taking time to learn more about my efforts to make Missouri a great place to live, raise a family and do business.  Every year, I travel to each of Missouri’s 114 counties, engaging my fellow Missourians and learning from them.  I look forward to meeting you as I cross the state!



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